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Whether you are looking to take the first step in property investment or looking to acquire more properties, the Property Investment Pathway Club is the largest of its kind in Australia and will give you the personal road map to achieve your investing goals.

With the best people in the property investment business sharing their insights, equipping you to find your ideal strategy and offering up extensive resources to help you, the goal is to:

"Devise your personal strategy, then follow your yellow brick road."

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Be as involved as you like. Attend events online and offline, share your stories, get help and meet some like minded friends. Be part of the community, or simply do your own thing. This resource is yours as you need. 


What You Recieve



Is property investment even right for you? Complete the life goals questionnaire, where you are now, where you want to be set your plan to establish how to get where you need to go, and how long it may take to get there.


This resource, with the information you provide will decide whether property is the vehicle to achieve your goals and if it is, it will calculate your personal strategy which is reviewed by our experts. You can alter or amend as things evolve or as your needs change.


This will give you a step by step, piece by piece plan with milestones to achieve and current hurdles to potentially work through, in order to move through each stage to your goal. With all the help along the way.  

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to your timeframes and wealth goals


Some of the people in this community have been investing in property for over 50 years, yet they are still learning new things. Investing continually evolves, bank requirements continually evolve, and society continues to evolve. You have the resources at your fingertips to be on the pulse.


We can help with anything to do with property. Whether a question about finance, valuations, property professionals, locations or property types, we are here to assist by email, phone or live chat. Or ask us live on our weekly streams.


We have videos to help you gain insight, and we live stream every week to keep you up to date, continually motivated and be there for any queries or questions. Property Investment is a long term strategy with long term benefits and we want to help keep you informed and on your strategy path. Property investment plans often require time for capital growth to occur, but this does not mean you have to sit on the sidelines in the interim. 


Light hearted in nature, we offer the latest news in the property market with a focus on investing, property development and expert commentary. We throw in a few laughs, special guests and plenty of banter, and it is a thoroughly enjoyable half hour.     


Whilst not part of the original framework or ethos of the pathway club, over time our members have found deals or investment offerings they feel worth exploring and want to share with other relevant members. These could be off market deals, discounted properties, development opportunities or specialist sector properties. When the time in your plan comes to acquire a property, you can explore these or work with UHome International Realty for their incentivised properties for members. 

Our Members get access to the largest online resource base in Australia of property investment tools, videos, webinars, books and resources.


In property investing, you will encounter hurdles on your way to success. Whether it be finance issues, income issues, equity issues or otherwise. You will now have have the resources and professional assistance to jump over every hurdle as it arises, so you can execute each stage of your plan.


This club is a complimentary information service, sponsored by UHome International Realty, so there is no premium plan or subscription and there is no obligation. 

Remember, they have landed men on the moon, you can do just about anything if you have the know how, a plan and the resources behind you.  


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