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UHome are the true definition of real estate specialists. 
Most buyers agents are just single real estate agents grafting out an income from you - by charging you too much for what they actually do.  With UHome you have an agent as your single point of contact and who will get to know you well. They will find out exactly what you are looking for and aim to deliver it accordingly - but with an actual team of specialists behind them as required to help deliver for you your best possible outcome in each facet.

Whether you are just down the road or halfway across the world, Our job is to do the hard work, do the running around, get through the real estate spin, find out what you really need to know and help you discover if the property meets your needs.


When the right property is found, UHome International Realty then negotiates the correct terms, time frames that you need and importantly, gets you the best price. Every buyers agent tells you they will get you the best price - the reality is there is a minimum price a vendor can or will accept. Our job is to 'talk turkey' with the agent and find this minimum price out, then you decide if it works for you. We can then push hard for an even better deal and at the end of the day, UHome will get it as cheap as it can possibly be bought for.

"Be 100% satisfied with our service or your money will be totally refunded. We guarantee to save you money, time and heartache and get you the best possible outcome."

Despite what you may read or be told, nothing we can say or do, no matter what an expensive buyers agent will tell you, is going to make a vendor do something they financially cannot do. Put yourself in their shoes. Unless you are the only interested party and only potential buyer, the vendor and agent will likely just move on to the next buyer. If you love it, we will get it done for you at the best price.


If you need to buy at Auction, our staff have conducted and run Auctions and been professional Auction bidders for 20 years. Very few buyers agents can claim this understanding of the Auction space like UHome.


You will have a single representative looking after your needs, doing everything required to understand what you want to achieve, then make it happen for you. For things like Auctions, we will bring the big guns out, generally one of our management or executive team who knows how to play the Auction game - and win. No other buyers agent offers this nor has this type of support at their disposal. 

When you are looking at buyers agents websites, do you notice how they don't disclose their fees? You have to call and then they 'sell you' their services.  How frustrating !

There is a reason Buyers Agents don't disclose their fees on their websites.


They charge too much!


Unlike many other buyers agents, we do not 'hide' our fees. Our fees are the most affordable in the industry because we are an existing business with a diverse range of services. We are not just a single person trying to extract an income, trying to upgrade our Mercedes or BMW's and live a luxury life by overcharging you for what we do. They can promote they go the extra mile etc, but the reality is a buyers agent service is a similar process with every buyers agent - its just the fees that vary. 


Our Agents have extensive experience and the performance record for our buyers is second to none.  We have buyers agents who speak multiple languages to ensure you can build trust and faith and effectively communicate in a method and way you feel comfortable. 

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When you are ready to buy

you want to feel secure in the hands of the agent you're working with.

You want your agent to clearly understand what your needs are. Finding the right real estate buyer's agent to work with is an important part of the buying process. Feel free to give us a call first and chat with one of our buyers agents over the phone. You will quickly get a gut feel for whether you would be comfortable in dealing with us and working with you to get what you desire - without us having to sell you our fees. 


Once you have experienced buying with a UHome International Realty Buyers Agent, it is unlikely you will ever buy a property without a UHome buyers agent, or using a 'standard' buyers agent again. 

UHome Realty buyers agents save you time, heartache and most importantly, money. We are engaged by you to represent the your interests exclusively. A UHome International Realty buyer’s agent has, without limitation, the following duties to you:

A)   Care & Skill

B)   Undivided Loyalty

C)   Confidentiality

D)   Full disclosure, obedience and duty to account.

Signing a Contract
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A UHome International Realty buyer’s agent does not represent the interests of the seller. The obligations of a buyer’s agent are also subject to specific provisions set forth in our agreement between us. In dealings with the seller, a UHome buyer’s agent will:


  • Exercise skill and care in performance of their duties

  • Get you the best deal possible

  • Do all the running around, calling, emailing and agent liaison on your behalf

  • Ensure you are protected on your purchase terms, conditions and required time frames.

  • Disclose all facts to you and allow you to make an informed decision.