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A career at UHome International Realty is wholly different from any other real estate firm you may have ever worked at. 

We are focused on supporting you in your desired goals and we have the infrastructure for you to blossom. 

We will not limit you in what you want to do, or how you want to do it. We have things that help you obtain clients and help market yourself that the other large firms and franchises have never even heard of. We align ourselves with the best in the world, not just someone who shares our brand. We embrace the digital world and the new way of doing things. Further than this, we harness it.  


We are new to Australia. We too have big dreams. In order to achieve them, we need the right people who will benefit from our desire to succeed, our networks and digital infrastructure, and our modern way of doing things.


We double down on your earning potential by giving you listings and buyers to service in your chosen area or specialty. We will help you obtain new developments exclusively and help you sell these to our buyers and through our networks.


Supercharge your career and be free to operate how you want to operate, market how you want to market, get support how you want to be supported. 

We offer some of the highest commissions in the industry and we intend to back you all the way in your goals. Some people want a large office and staff in an area, others want to do single listings or support our projects team. We are growing and we want you to join something exciting, innovative and rewarding. 


Call us on +61 7 3085 4338 and ask to speak to recruitment, or email your CV and cover letter to: One of our key staff will contact you directly. 

Let‘s do something great, together.  

Sales Agent

New Developments

Experienced new developments sales agents are required for both Brisbane & Gold Coast areas.  You will service the many new projects coming through.


Take the next evolution in your real estate career and join UHome as a franchisee.


Your own dedicated territory, very low fees and support in marketing, listings provided and ongoing buyer marketing.

Buyers Agent


A mandarin and english speaking specialist buyers agent is required to service the UHome Realty local and overseas buyers. 



Buyers Agent

Local Buyers 

An experienced real estate specialist is required to service UHome clients as a buyers agent for second hand property in Brisbane and Gold Coast Suburbs.  



 We have people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

This is what makes us special. 


There is no hardcore or obnoxious people in our team.

We are a modern firm with modern ideas.


We protect our people and we are winning in the industry with happy staff and a great culture. 

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