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  • We are the only Australian project marketing firm awarded membership of the 'leading real estate companies of the world'.

  • There are more #1 market share companies in top global markets in our exclusive network than any other agency network worldwide.

  • We are therefore unmatched in our resources, sales networks and global reach by any other project marketing firm in Australia.

We Deliver. 


At UHome International Realty, we provide Developers with cutting edge Project Marketing Services - with disposal strategies that deliver for all types of residential product.

From off the plan, pre-construction projects to existing projects that need to increase their sales, we can play a role as the project need dictates.  


We do the job properly and we achieve the results we set out with you to do. We know your success depends on us and we will not let you down like many others in this industry do. Whether conducting local marketing, international marketing or a combination of both for your project, UHome International Realty has the digital infrastructure, connections, marketing platforms and insight to get the greatest volume of sales, at the lowest cost. 

Put simply, if we cannot do it with the resources, tools and existing buyers locally and globally we have at our disposal, no one can. We are the sales performers of today and the future of project marketing in a world where things seem to be getting harder for the traditional firms. 


As a property company who's personnel have been on the front lines for many years, the marketing of property has evolved to primarily sales and buyer sourcing through digital marketing platforms - overtaking the traditional sub agent marketing model particularly for projects under 120 dwellings in size.

The traditional 'marketer channels' and service based firms in the property industry (investment, wealth creation etc) are witnessing a gradual decline as the hardened consumer is more skeptical and is subject to more advertising now than at any time in the history of human interaction. Further, many of these companies do not provide appropriate value to the buyer. The buyer has more tools and more ways to access information at their fingertips than ever before. It is innovate or die and many in this sector are unfortunately dying. A few however are thriving and we work closely with those who can deliver the results.

There are societal changes occurring due to the digital age. Digital Disruption is real and it is happening in our industry right now. This has happened in the last 5 years, but particularly the last 3. Or developer clients who are embracing this change are benefiting, not being hindered from this major evolution.

UHome International Realty employ a scientific approach to engaging buyers and bringing them from simple click throughs to high value qualified leads, then sales by process. By embracing and innovating rather than being hindered by the digital disruption now occurring in real estate, you will not just survive as a developer, you will thrive. We know who is out there, who is qualified to buy your properties and where to find them. We have the support of large overseas players that have spent considerable time and money developing these strategies. They work even better here in Australia than in many countries overseas given Australian buyers digital uptake and maturity. 


With UHome International Realty, you do not just have Australian buyers and Australian experiences to draw from - if applicable, you have the entire world. 

 Our Job Is Simple

--- 'Most Amount Of Money, Least Amount Of Time'. ---


We will deliver the sales outcomes you require. 


Our developers can explore more opportunities with the security of UHome in their armory and they can 'develop with certainty'.


UHome is also highly attractive to a variety of development financiers.


--- "If at any stage you are unhappy with our performance or service, we will rescind our exclusive agency immediately. This unconditional guarantee to our clients provides the ultimate flexibility and peace of mind when choosing to engage UHome International Realty. Put simply, our performance will speak for itself".  ---

Crystal Wang

Managing Director


UHome International Realty do everything a large franchise group does and more when marketing your project, without the spend. By focusing your marketing and selling your projects primarily via the digital world, the results have never been better. We still engage marketing groups where applicable and still use traditional marketing where applicable - just the right methods at the right times as required. 


We do not spend your money to build our brand - like the franchise groups. We reverse engineer from the required outcomes and let the sales outcomes do the talking. A newspaper advertisement in 99% of cases is the single worst investment you will ever make when trying to sell property in 2020. But it helps build an agency brand at your expense. Everything we do is quantified, measured and proven and much of what we do is complimentary to you.    

Our Services Are Comprehensive And Can Include Some Or All Of The Following: 

- Development Site Feasibility

- Highest and Best Use Analysis

- Development Site Acquisition

- Product & Pricing Analysis

- Consultant & Contractor Appointments

- Development & Building Applications 

- Marketing & Sales Strategy

- Clear Disposal Timelines 

- Master Agency Services

- Contract Management

- Interim Onsite Management

Additionally, We Offer:

- Mid campaign or construction sales injection

- Takeover of existing project marketing

- Investment reports & property economics services

- Seminar and event speakers

- Media liaison

- Translation services (Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese)

Product Types:

- Land Subdivisions

- Home & Land Subdivisions

- Residential Apartments (Medium & high density)

- Residential Townhomes

- Commercial Property Developments

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